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I’ve been helping people just like you unravel painful movement—and life—patterns for over 23 years. I guarantee that you’ll walk away with new ways to move that help you get unstuck, reduce fatigue, and save your joints.

This is true whether you’re achy from sitting at a desk, struggling to put on your shoes, recovering from a recent surgery, or tired of compensating for an old accident.

Plus, your first session is free whether you’re a subscriber or not!

Depending on what you need, as you describe what’s going on for you, I can guide you through some movement sequences that alleviate discomfort and stress. I can also answer many questions, such as:

  • If I move in a certain way, I have pain. Can you give me strategies for helping with this?

  • What lessons should I focus on?

  • Are there more lessons like this one?

  • Can I do these lessons if I have such-and-such a situation?

  • Which lessons help with my condition—injury—pain?

  • Can you give me personalized strategies?

  • I can’t feel a movement. What should I do?

  • I can’t figure out what’s stopping/limiting/blocking me. Can you help?

I have all these answers, and many more!

My goal is always to provide you with more and more tools so you can find your own path to better movement.

Movement Map coaching is offered via zoom video call and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Note: Anyone can do a coaching session, whether you are a Treasury subscriber or not.

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30-minute session/$49 US

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